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CSARC — Computer Science & Robotics Certification Preparing you for tomorrow’s economy

CSARC — Computer Science & Robotics Certification

Preparing you for tomorrow’s economy


Nullspace started out providing robotics and coding classes through their enrichment centres in Singapore & Malaysia. They grew by offering programmes to both local schools and companies. Nullspace is now one of Singapore’s leading robotics and coding educators.

Nullspace saw branding as an opportunity to define their purpose, as-well-as develop a new certification brand for robotics and programming. The ambition of the certification brand was to benchmark industry standards and encourage other robotics and programming educators to adopt the certification.

Tangible used our brand pillar framework™ to develop positioning hypotheses for both Nullspace and the new certification brand to test with students, parents and educators who partner with Nullspace. For Nullspace the finding confirmed the natural biases parents and educators have which led the team to focus on the preferences of the students as they were usually the decision makers. The certification brand had a clear preference from all stakeholders to prepare students for tomorrow’s economy. Tangible also tested the certification framework and brand personality options.

Robotics Certification
Robotics Certification

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed the name, identity and visual and verbal identity for the Certification Brand after the research was finalised. The preferred brand personality was ‘Dependable, Steady & Assured’ and hence the final name selected was: ‘Computer Science & Robotics Certification’ or the abbreviation ‘CSARC’. The brand identity leverages dependability with the shield symbol that was repurposed to convey the dynamic language computer coding. The heraldic theme was also adopted for the Visual Core Element system and adapted for relevance to the robotics and coding sector. The Messaging House for the brand translated the three Core Values of: ‘Creativity’, ‘Determination’ & ‘Excellence’ for key target audiences. A full suite of communications materials was then developed together with the website and full set of guidelines to ensure the consistent delivery of the brand.

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