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YAMADA Consulting & Spire Crafting bespoke solutions that unlock growth opportunities

YAMADA Consulting & Spire

Crafting bespoke solutions that unlock growth opportunities


Following the integration of 'Spire Research and Consulting' with its parent group; 'YAMADA Consulting Group Co. Ltd', Tangible worked with the management teams of both entities to re-define a new 'YAMADA Consulting & Spire' Brand Promise and Values. Our work included reviewing and defining the lines of business and product & service menus. We developed the Brand Personality to articulate the name and brand identity before creating the Visual & Verbal Core Element system. The work was delivered through a suite of communication materials and a new website designed and built by Tangible.

Y&S Business Cards in collaboration with Clairfield International
Y&S new merger logo
Y&S alternative logo
Y&S Staff Lanyards ad nametags

Marketing & Communications

Tangible crafted the brand identity for the Y&S brand, together with the Visual and Verbal language that encapsulates the brand’s personality and core values. We also penned the messaging house to resonate with their key customer segment.

People & Culture

Brand Values were developed to influence behaviour as well as key messaging. The intent is to simply “do what you say and say what you do” to clearly set performance expectations.

Y&S Brand Architecture

Products & Services

Tangible modelled brand architecture scenarios to test with the management teams. The objective was to identify the most efficient categorisation method that would present their products clearly to their target audience segments. The results are presented on the new website. 

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