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Living Forest (Hosen) — Honest Ingredients, Healthy Lifestyle Living Forest (Hosen Group)

Living Forest (Hosen) — Honest Ingredients, Healthy Lifestyle

Living Forest (Hosen Group)


Established in the 1970s and listed on the Singapore stock Exchange, the Hosen Group has evolved from importing, exporting and distribution to become a brand owner and manufacturer. Tangible was engaged to help Hosen enter a new category of ‘Eat Clean’ products under the brand ’Living Forest’.

Tangible helped create Living Forest’s Purpose, tone of voice, packaging design and sales and marketing materials. We developed and tested our three P’s (Positioning, Personality and Packaging) to better understand the target audience preferences. Tangible also helped to define what ‘Eat Clean’ meant to Hosen to ensure the authenticity of the product range as it grows.

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Marketing & Communications

Aligned with the brand’s thoughtful, measured, and considered personality, our team developed the visual and verbal identity before creating a suite of marketing and marketing collaterals for Living Forest. Tangible ensured a blend of natural authenticity and Living Forest’s pledge to offer whole, minimally processed foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. A messaging guide was also created to communicate the key brand attributes.

People & Culture

Tangible developed the brand values to not only be the guiding principles for key messages but also shape behaviour. This commitment ensures the brand consistently delivers on its promises.

Products & Services

Through our market research, Tangible created and tested a broad range of initial packaging designs with the target consumers. This process enabled Hosen to identify the design approach and personality that generated the most interest among potential customers.

After the first round of testing, Tangible designed the product packaging for Living Forest’s inaugural offerings, consisting of Granola, Cereal and Honey ranges. We hope you like the results!

Spaces & Places

As part of the project, Tangible developed point-of-sale materials for Living Forest to display their products in stores. From shelf strips to standees, we were clear on the outcome we wanted – attractive and compelling visuals that communicated the brand and it’s offer consistently.

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