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Tangible work with business leaders to create & leverage brands as strategic management tools that drive innovation & change. Branding should shape marketing & communications, your people & culture, your products & services and your spaces & places. Tangible brand consultants Singapore, let’s make it real.

Leveraging brands as strategic management tools by modelling and testing hypotheses through our market research offer.
Delivering marketing solutions through your digital ecosystem to drive business opportunities.

Your Brand’s Purpose

Great brands should have a compelling
purpose and deliver it from all angles.

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About Tangible

Dyson examines a prototype of the DC41 Animal vacuum cleaner with a team of his engineers. He has a famously young workforce cherry-picked straight from school.

Ideas, Perseverance and Attention to Detail

Thank you for taking the time to read our first edition of Conversations@Tangible for 2024. Our theme this year is ‘Ideas, Perseverance and Attention to Detail’.