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BabyPass Maternity Branding: Investing in the future of you and your family’s health


Maternity Branding: Investing in the future of you and your family’s health


Gut health is now understood to be an important factor in overall health but not many people realise that baby’s gut health begins in the womb and is foundational in the baby's first two years of life. A good gut microbiome at 2years old is a good indicator of a child's future health. BabyPass enables couples to invest in the future health of their children. Simply sign-up to the BabyPass App, order a home collection-kit, send your sample off to the lab and the results are then shared through the App. Prospective parents can then ensure they pass on the good stuff to the next generation.

As BabyPass was still in its infancy, the opportunity was to bring the concept to life. Through Tangible’s process of developing hypotheses using our brand pillar framework™, we were able to develop and test positioning & personality hypotheses. This enabled the team to better understand expectant mothers; need states & preference drivers, price tolerance, preferred subscription model, communication style and features for the maternity branding App. The results of the research allowed the team at Babypass to be confident in viability of the Babypass offer and the preferences of its target audience.

Biotech Branding: Blumaiden BabyPass

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed communications around the idea of passing on the love. Visual and Verbal Core Elements were translated into the UX/UI for the App, together with a series of template applications. Tangible then wrote and produced a video to explain the offer and finally developed the communications strategy roadmap to brief our implementation partners.

Products & Services

Tangible has worked closely with the Bio-tech company; BluMaiden, who developed the technology and the BabyPass team to develop the different subscription packages for BabyPass users. Tangible then designed the home collection-kit including the contents and packaging to ensure the brand delivers a seamless experience.

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