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Setel Technology Branding: Your loyal companion mobilising the future


Technology Branding: Your loyal companion mobilising the future


Petronas Dagangan Berhad has grown an ecosystem of businesses, including Setel and Logistika. Setel started out addressing customers’ pain-points at Petronas Service Stations and subsequently built an App to fix those pain points. The App allows customers to refuel and shop at the Mesra Convenience Stores, without leaving their vehicles. Meanwhile, Logistika was created to address opportunities in parcel delivery, namely; taking advantage of the network of Petronas Service Stations by enabling them to become mini logistics hubs.

Petronas Dagangan Berhad saw the opportunity to merge these two businesses and in the process create a Super App to offer a wider range of services that could innovate everyday transactions for both consumers and businesses.

Tangible won the pitch to help Setel better articulate the business strategy and develop a new brand architecture. Setel needed a positioning and brand framework to give them the flexibility to grow and also transition Logistika into the Setel offer. Tangible’s research based approach proved successful (again) as it allowed us to model and test hypotheses before aligning different stakeholders.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible refined the Setel logo to work across a number of different applications and production processes. We then articulated the categories and brand names for the different offers under Setel’s expanded capabilities, including transitioning ‘Logistika’ to ‘Setel Express’. Tangible then developed the Visual Core Elements, guidelines and a communications roadmap for Logistika to transition to Setel Express.

Products & Services

Tangible’s market research capabilities proved very useful in testing with both B2B and B2C customers’ preferences. We were able to better understand what they valued, what competitors did well (and badly) as well as preferences for Setel’s offer and category names. This proved a very compelling process in aligning Petronas Dagangan Berhad’s senior management with the Setel team.

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