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Singapore Sport Hub Stadium Branding: Singapore Sports Hub - A World Of Energising Experiences

Singapore Sport Hub

Stadium Branding: Singapore Sports Hub - A World Of Energising Experiences


Singapore Sports Hub (SSH) opened in June 2015 as the largest Public-Private-Partnership sports facilities infrastructure project in the world. Four equity partners won the project in 2008 to develop the 44-hectare site in Kallang. The destination has the dual pressure of offering facilities for the community and also providing a venue for world class sporting and entertainment events.

With multiple stakeholders to manage, SSH saw the opportunity to leverage a branding programme to engage, align and re-energise their brand. Tangible’s robust methodology allowed us to run an initial mini ‘buy-in programme’ to illustrate our process. This was followed by a larger engagement utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research to identify the need states of different users and relative size of each segment.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible reviewed the entire Singapore Sports Hub visual & verbal system for marketing & communications. After the visual audit we develop a complete new visual system built-out from the brand personality of ‘Social, Active & Confident’.


The shortlisted systems were tested with customers to help management select a preferred solution. Tangible then reviewed the brand identity to ensure consistency and legibility. The system was then rolled out across all SSH marketing and communication materials. The website was redesigned, taking a ‘mobile first’ approach to deliver an easy to navigate experience.


Brand guidelines were finally developed to document all the brand assets and ensure the brand was delivered consistently. Extensive photographic guidelines were included, to ensure venues, facilities and activities where all photographed with the brand personality in mind.

Products & Services

Tangible created a refreshed system for presenting the different offers under the Singapore Sports Hub. This including the branding protocols for the major on-sites destinations and the programmes & initiatives offered. The brand architecture scenarios were also extended to include partner co-branding and endorsements for events.

Spaces & Places

As part of the branding programme, Tangible conducted an experience audit of the facilities which included a sports event, an entertainment event and a retail audit. The results were a series of observations, insights and recommendations for SSH to review together with best practice case examples to benchmark against.

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