Imperial Harvest: Developing a premium brand for a Feng Shui consultancy

Lifestyle branding: Formerly known as ‘Tianlu Mall’, Imperial Harvest is a Feng Shui consultancy that helps support customers through their journey through life. Tangible helped Imperial Harvest completely rebrand its offer to better reflect its strategic intent and customers’ ambitions.


Marketing & Communications

The management wanted to move the brand into a more aspirational space. From this strategic intent the name ‘Imperial Harvest’ emerged after several rounds of development. The ‘look and feel’ of the brand also adopted the sophistication appropriate for the intended price point. The use of strong dark hues contrasted with light colours built a classic visual style that was accentuated with traditional Chinese shapes, elegant typography and focus on singular product photography.

People & Culture

The three brand attributes – Proactive, Expertise, and Approachable – helped form the foundations of Imperial Harvest’s services principles. These three brand attributes highlight the attention paid to customers’ specific needs, the ability to leverage the knowledge of three generations of Feng Shui masters and the ambition to help customers understand Feng Shui through simple explanations.

Products & Services

The business model encourages customers to receive a free personalised Bazi Destiny Analysis by Imperial Harvests expert consultants. Tangible then recommended a tiered system for product categorization in accordance with membership. Complementary products are focused around either life goals or time-based changes in luck cycles.

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed look and feel tear sheets to inspire Imperial Harvests’ Interior Design partner with bringing the brand to life through the consultative and retail experiences.

Photos by: Imperial Harvest