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Koobi Snack food branding: Bringing new ideas to Chinese taste buds


Snack food branding: Bringing new ideas to Chinese taste buds


After selling Munchy’s to a private equity firm for US$250M, CK Tang was looking for a new challenge. He turned to Tangible to help define a new snack food & beverage brand for the growing Chinese market. CK's vision was to introduce innovative F&B experiences to the international isles of Chinese supermarkets. Tangible helped CK, articulate his vision by defining what Innovation should mean in terms of snack food brands, innovative; products, ingredients, taste as well as packaging design and eating experiences. Tangible then developed positioning and personality hypotheses, together with brand architecture scenarios for testing. ‘Koobi’, was the result; a snack food & beverage brand that explores the world for ingredients, products, and ideas to innovate F&B experiences for the hungry Chinese consumer. Tangible then help define the three core principles to help drive behaviour and also communications: 1. Discover the new 2. Delight the senses and 3. Innovate for quality.

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Marketing & Communications

Tangible delivered a turnkey solution for ‘Koobi’ from naming to launch. The name ‘Koobi’ comes from one of the oldest human sites where fire was found and it’s great that the direct Chinese translation literally means “super cool secret”. From there Tangible developed the visual & verbal toolkit to highlight the brands ambition to explore.

Products & Services

Tangible developed the brand portfolio model for Koobi’s Snack food brands. Koobi is the master-brand  to ensure the product portfolio had the flexibility to grow. Tangible then developed a product category framework and samples of packaging design to allow sub-brands to flourish

Spaces & Places

Leveraging the brand personality, Tangible created inspirational mood boards for the proposed headquarters in Shanghai.

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