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BluMaiden Biotech branding: Unlocking the potential of microbiomes with Biotech Platform Technology


Biotech branding: Unlocking the potential of microbiomes with Biotech Platform Technology


BluMaiden Biosciences is an early-stage biotechnology platform company headquartered in Singapore. Their vision is to discover small molecules that can potentially cure diseases. These small molecules will be identified from human microbiomes (you may need to Google it). To do this; BluMaiden is integrating three areas:

1. Capturing data from family microbiomes.
2. Building a database to discover microbiome insights and
3. Creating a platform for more effective and efficient drug development.

As BluMaiden was in the angel investor round of funding and there was very little to communicate the offer and articulate what makes BluMaiden a more compelling proposition from other biotech branding start-ups. We also had to consider two very different target audiences; biotech investors and the medical community. Tangible worked with the founding team to articulate BluMaiden’s Vision, Mission & Values and then to bring them to life through their brand promise, brand architecture and visual and verbal communications system. This ensured the brand was relevant to both biotechnology partners and potential investors.

Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Desktop
Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Ad
Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Nametag
Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Social Media

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed a new brand identity for BluMaiden to reflect how the business brings together three capabilities for small molecules drug discovery. Tangible then developed the visual and verbal language for the brand and a full suite of applications to communicate with the medical and investment communities. Tangible also designed and built both an interim and full website for BluMaiden.

Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Brand Architecture
Biotech Branding: Blumaiden BabyPass

Products & Services

Tangible helped conceptualize and model the brand architecture to reflect the small molecule drug discovery value chain. Family microbiome capture became ‘BabyPass’, the database for microbiome insights became ‘Daisy’ and the platform for more effective drug discovery was named ‘Maiden’. Collectively they illustrate the BluMaiden biotech branding offer. As BabyPass is a consumer-facing brand this has been developed as an unendorsed sub-brand.

Biotech Branding: Blumaiden Backdrop

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a booth for biotech trade shows to ensure the brand is consistently represented at promotional events.

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