AIMS: Aligning the TIME Group for regional growth

IT & Telecoms branding: Tangible worked with the senior management of AIMS, Global Transit (GT) and TIME.dotCom to align the three business units under the TIME Group. With a huge opportunity for regional growth, AIMS is one of Malaysia’s dynamic Data Centres operators who take a long-term view supporting customers growth.


Marketing & Communications

The Time Group of companies have all adopted Magenta as their dominant corporate colour which is intentionally shocking to allow the group to get more bang from their marketing bucks. Tangible celebrated the flexibility that AIMS offers its customers within the new AIMS logo and visual communication systems that adapts to fit each situation.

People & Culture

Tangible developed brand attributes for AIMS that reflected the desired behavioural traits from employees.

Products & Services

Tangible helped reclassify and rename the AIMS product menu. We then defined the different levels of products and services; from general service categories to specific products or services and the features of a product or service. Each level had it’s own unique look, so Tangible provided artwork for over 100 different icons.

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed different levels of building signage for AIMS including a unique 3D log sculpture. We also developed a series of lift messages for each floor dependent on either the tenant or floor specialty.