Lyf: A hotel offer for millennials by millennials

Hospitality & Tourism: The Ascott Limited asked Tangible to articulate a new hotel concept Lyf; a co-living, co-working concept designed for and managed by millennials who wish to experience destinations as a local. Lyf creates a community, connecting guests with fellow travellers and change makers.


Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed the brand proposition and attributes before creating a logo. The name emerged as the favourite from a shortlist and the script logotype expressed the informality of the offer and the continuous line reflects the journey of ‘Lyf’.

Photos by: Soh Ee Shaun

Products & Services

Tangible developed the visual architecture for the properties to include the district, city and an endorsement from the Ascott Limited.

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Spaces & Places

Tangible used the final brand positioning and personality to develop a series of inspirational tear sheets to breathe life into the offer.


Photos by: Kian Leong 



Lyf by Ascott












Pre-Launch Event