TIME: Malaysia’s fibre optic network provider continues to challenge the incumbents

With a new management team & growth plan, Time wanted to reposition itself as Malaysia’s leading fibre-optic communication service provider. With the development of its CPCS – a robust, resilient & high-capacity fiber-optic network – it is well poised to deliver high-performance data & communications services to residential, business & telco customers. We helped position Time as a challenger brand, constantly pushing network & service delivery performance.

Visit: www.time.com.my

Time Telecommunications Malaysia Stationery Time Telecommunications Malaysia Mobile App Time Telecommunications Malaysia Business Card

Marketing & Communications

A witty tone of voice & striking magenta help express its challenger positioning. Combined with a data-visualisation graphics style, this visual & verbal identity was developed to help it stand out in a landscape of clichéd industry imagery. A refreshed website expresses Time’s new brand personality & incorporates a flexible menu to help users find the right product or service.

Time Telecommunications Malaysia Launch Events Time Telecommunications Malaysia Launch Events Time Telecommunications Malaysia Launch Events

People & Culture

Organisational initiatives to reinforce the brand were identified in a workshop. A workshop programme was designed to support HR’s staff engagement activities.

Time Telecommunications Malaysia Mobile App

Products & Services

The menu was refined to help target customer segments navigate through its offering easily. Sub-brand opportunities were identified to highlight signature products & services that reinforce the brand promise.

Time Telecommunications Malaysia Interior Time Telecommunications Malaysia Interior

Spaces & Places

While Tangible have not been involved in the corporate office renovations, we are proud to have inspired the design of one of the most challenging and unexpected corporate offices in Malaysia. That’s Kae Fong taking the express route out of the building.