Ogalala: Building a kid’s retail brand from a blank sheet of paper

In 2012, a successful retailer approached Tangible to create a new fashion brand for children. We quickly understood the ambition of the owner was to go beyond fashion and create a brand to stimulate the imagination of young minds. Ogalala was the result, with ‘The Wonderful World of Why Not’ as the purpose statement.


Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Stationery Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Shopping Bag Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Stationery

Marketing & Communications

‘The Wonderful World of Why Not’ was captured in the name ‘Ogalala’. We created Ogalala as a place where kids’ (& adults’) imaginations can run free. Tangible’s visual and verbal system revolved around ways to get to Ogalala, what the environment might be like, and the things you might encounter once there. Needless to say, Ogalala is not a normal place.

Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Story Book

People & Culture

Tangible helped translate Ogalala’s imaginative personality into the service style. This included initiatives like having staff host storytelling sessions in-store. We also wanted staff to be engaged with the brand, constantly providing feedback and contributing ideas on how to improve products and the store experience.

Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Uniform

Products & Services

Tangible’s ‘Campfire Workshop’ developed a series of product ideas, and one key contribution was a process that would help Ogalala’s fashion designers ideate & create each season’s collection. The process involved identifying fashion trends each season and then defining a relevant theme for both the premium & everyday ranges. The final step was to sprinkle the Ogalala ‘pixie dust’ on each range to ensure there was a unique Ogalala twist.

Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Interior Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Interior Ogalala Lifestyle Philippines Interior

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a quirky interior scheme for a 120sqm flagship store that captured the spirit of ‘‘The Wonderful World of Why Not’. Through our interior workshop we ideated product mix, space allocation and product navigation, as well as the ‘look & feel’ of the new store. Features included merchandising units that represented crazy ways of getting to Ogalala, a window display that facilitated portrait photography, and a wonky street that included changing rooms & a reading porch. Every detail expressed the underlying philosophy of encouraging imagination.