NEXT Hotel: A new generation of hotels, empowering customers through spaces, services & technology

NEXT Hotels vision is to be the next generation of business hospitality. So NEXT challenged themselves to deliver a more empowering user experience across three key areas; spaces, technologies & services. This meant reviewing the entire customer journey, pre, during & post stay to offer greater choice, flexibility & control.


NEXT Hotel Australia Signage Logo

Marketing & Communications

The name ‘NEXT’ set an expectation that the hotel will present new ideas & experiences for guests & Tangible ensured that this was delivered through the visual & verbal identity system.

NEXT Hotel Australia Door Hanger NEXT Hotel Australia TV Menu

The visual system was inspired by many of the art movements of the early 20th Century that challenged conventional artistic wisdom and created new representations of art what art could be. We used this as our inspiration to create a visual language that was a ‘cool look’ for a business hotel but also had an underlying spirit of creativity and innovation.

NEXT Hotel Australia Mobile App NEXT Hotel Australia Stationery NEXT Hotel Australia Brochure

For more informative communications, a carefully curated set of visual elements arranged help guests navigate content. ‘Call outs’ of room features give a sense of informality and originality to the neutral layouts.

People & Culture

Tangible developed the launch theme for the very first ‘NEXT’ branded hotel in Brisbane. Rather than develop a launch concept for a single event we developed a theme that could be translated into pre-launch, launch and post- launch activities and set the delivery expectation for the brand moving forward.