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Leeway Reliable delivery & adaptable management of your project needs


Reliable delivery & adaptable management of your project needs


Leeway was established in 1981, providing general logistics and transport services. They invested in warehouse services and later IT relocation. While Third Party Logistics (3PL) remained a mainstay of the business it was IT relocation that differentiated Leeway and an area that management saw as an opportunity to differentiate the brand.

Leeway had developed an in-house capability that enables their customers to; rack, stack & integrates servers (Leeway Runway) as well as configure and burn-in systems (Leeway LaB) before any relocation.

Tangible was engaged to develop Leeway's logistics branding and build the brand for the next generation of growth from being another 3PL provider to having a specialisation that set the company apart and also reflects positively on their core capability.

Logistics Branding

Marketing & Communications

Tangible reflected the preferred brand personality through all the marketing and communication touchpoints. From a new identity and tagline to the Visual & Verbal Core Elements and suite of communication materials, Tangible developed a simple and bold system to convey the reliability of the business.

The new logistics branding website was then designed and built by Tangible to communicate the new lines of business offers and enhanced capabilities. Finally, Tangible embarked on a photo shoot to capture all the refreshed assets for the website and communications materials.

People & Culture

At the beginning of the project, Tangible worked with the Leeway team to map out different Customer Journey and identify pain points and opportunities to improve.

This led to a full-scale ideation phase with the Leeway team to review their project into three phases;

i) lead nurturing,
ii) project process
iii) post-project review.

These stages then went through an ideation process to identify strengths and gaps and ideate; people, processes, products or technology and communication ideas to address the gaps.

The ideas were then prioritised for implementation. Tangible finally developed a staff brand book to align employees with the new offer and initiatives.


Products & Services

Tangible developed alternative Brand Architecture scenarios to test with stakeholders. The result was the creation of a line of business brands (Leeway Logistics & Leeway IT Services) which allowed their distinct customers to find relevant services and Leeway to highlight the benefit and capabilities they offered.


Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a new logistics signage system for 3PL and IT Solutions divisions.

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