LBC: Delivering smiles, helping to make peoples day

LBC is the Philippines largest delivery company. LBC saw the opportunity to consolidate a myriad of internal statements & unite their people behind their brand. Tangible focused the brand promise around delivering emotions rather than things. A set of Brand Attributes that became known as the 3Cs were developed to help staff deliver the new brand.


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Marketing & Communications

Both verbal & visual identities were completely overhauled to reflect the new service centric brand promise of ‘ A friend who makes your day’. The smiling global logo has 3 sides to remind staff of their 3Cs (Brand Attributes & Services Principles) & the logotype of LBC remained iconic & red while a new tagline of ‘we like to move it’ reset the tone. Multiple websites were consolidated into one site that allows individuals, SMEs & corporations to clearly navigate services relevant to their needs. All the national & international parcels & boxes were redesigned to create clear systems for customers & staff.

LBC Logistics Philippines People

People & Culture

Our ‘brand engagement’ workshops brought together over 125 senior members of staff to ideate initiatives. 9 signature initiatives were ‘fleshed-out’ before evaluated by senior management for implementation. Tangible also developed service standards based on the brand attributes or ‘3Cs.

LBC Logistics Philippines Branding LBC Logistics Philippines Parcel LBC Logistics Philippines Parcel LBC Logistics Philippines Parcel

Products & Services

The brand architecture was reorganized to become more customer focused. Many business units were consolidated under the ‘LBC’ name, with only ‘LBC Money Express’ and ‘LBC Business Solutions’ remaining. LBCs products were then defined by 4 descriptive offers. Tangible also reviewed the rationale behind the naming and design of all the different envelopes, boxes and parcels for both national and international delivery.

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Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a new retail interior design scheme by involving LBC staff in the creative process. We marked out 3 retail foot prints in an aircraft hanger and provided 3 retail teams with card-board replicas of the hardware required in different formats. 3 teams, 3 different output that could then be evaluated and transformed into a final layout. The result was a lot of fun and a very operationally effective scheme.