Egg Story: Introducing a new brand to Singapore’s chiller cabinet

Pasteurized eggs are amazing; they go through a warm oxygenated bath & come out the other end completely free from bacteria (and not cooked at all). The Pasteurized Eggs Company invested in the proprietary equipment to produce the only pasteurized shelled eggs in Singapore. Tangible helped them brand these remarkable eggs.


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Marketing & Communications

Communicating a new technology is never easy, especially when the benefits cannot be overtly stated (we were strongly advised to not mention “killing bacteria”). ‘Eggs that compliment healthier lifestyles’ became the brand purpose & we developed the name ‘Egg Story’, Pasteurized ‘P’ mark and a visual & verbal identity system that both informed & reassured potential buyers. By harnessing info-graphics and friendly visuals we managed to make it easy for anyone to learn about pasteurization & the benefits of pasteurized eggs.

Egg Story Food Beverage Singapore Packaging Pasteurized

People & Culture

Tangible built 2 rounds of market research into our proposal. Firstly we needed to understand how different consumer segments felt about egg related health issues & secondly we wanted to see how different packaging design was received. The results informed the final brand purpose statement & the preferred packaging design (a clear winning packaging design soon emerged).

Egg Story Food Beverage Singapore Packaging

Products & Services

Tangible developed a number of product portfolio hypotheses based on size (first born eggs are small but concentrated), ingredients (the Omega’s) & other features such as Vitamin E. We settled on a product portfolio based on size (these eggs are so fantastic, there’s no point making some more fantastic than others).

Egg Story Food Beverage Singapore Aisle Supermarket Egg Story Food Beverage Singapore People

Spaces & Places

The supermarket proved to be the most challenging space, because to keep pasteurized eggs at their best they are recommended to be stored in chiller cabinets. This meant we needed to divert traffic away from the egg isles toward the chiller cabinets. Tangible created an arsenal of visual equity (The egg family, a chequered table cloth, the ‘P’ mark & in-store signage) to use in the war of supermarket standout.