Cleanergy: Cleanergy means power from renewable sources

To leverage the AboitizPower Group’s renewable power generation capacity & build a reputation as a leader in sustainable power generation, the Cleanergy brand was created to market its renewable power offering.


Cleanergy Energy Philippines Uniforms AboitizPower Energy Philippines Launch Events

Marketing & Communications

A distinctive visual identity was developed & applied across key marketing touch-points. Ideas for the brand’s launch were developed & integrated into a launch plan.

Cleanergy Energy Philippines Magazine

People & Culture

A brand book was produced to educate staff, industry partners & customers on the Cleanergy vision & offer.

Cleanergy Energy Philippines Website

Products & Services

Through ideation workshops, a range of complementary services & programmes were identified to support the core renewable power offering.

Cleanergy Energy Philippines Signage Interior Cleanergy Energy Philippines Exhibition Interior Cleanergy Energy Philippines Exhibition Interior

Spaces & Places

We are very proud to be the inspiration behind ‘The Cleanergy Center’, which is an awesome free learning facility devoted to energy education.


Erramon 'Montxu' Aboitiz engages AboitizPower team members to care for the environment