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Wintershine Teaming up with nature for sustainable solutions


Teaming up with nature for sustainable solutions


Sustainable product brand: Wintershine is a sustainable aquaculture, nutrition & health company based in Singapore. Wintershine harnesses the power of the sun and our oceans to produce microalgae and farm fish within a closed-loop aquaculture system that minimises waste. Tangible helped to articulate Wintershine's offer and encourage consumers to be part of the solutions by developing Wintershine's first sustainable product brand called 'BluCurrent'.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed a graphic system that can be adapted by all Wintershine’s subsidiaries or product brands and applied across a broad range of communication collaterals. The flexible mosaic system was inspired by Wintershine’s personality to focus on the bigger picture. Tangible then developed a new website and content for Wintershine.


People & Culture

Wintershine’s brand values of; Principled, Holistic and Entrepreneurial are intended to shape the culture of the organisation.


Products & Services

Tangible developed Wintershine’s first product brand; BluCurrent. BluCurrent is a fresh fish brand targeting chefs predominantly from Hotels and fine dining restaurants.  Because the fish are grown using closed-loop farming practices they are under less stress and as a result taste better.  Tangible developed the name identity and packaging designs for the new brand that celebrated chefs as the products champions for sustainable products.

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