Times Travel: Staying relevant to the needs of travellers

Times the Bookstore wanted to develop a retail brand aimed at the travel segment. It needed to borrow heavily from their main high street brand but would be tailored to the needs of travellers.

Visit: www.timesbookstores.com.sg

Times Travel Lifestyle Singapore Signage Interior

Marketing & Communications

A visual identity was developed to create credibility for Times within the travel segment. By leveraging the brand identities of publications such as Newsweek & The Economist on the fascia, Times Travel instantly achieved a credible image. In-store signage & messaging system were also developed.

Times Travel Lifestyle Singapore Signage Interior

People & Culture

By ideating around the Asian Business traveller we were able to develop relevant products & services.

Times Travel Lifestyle Singapore Interior

Products & Services

The ‘Times Travel’ brand was created & used in generating ideas for the product offer in each zone, key store features, as well as the store format & layout.

Times Travel Lifestyle Singapore Signage Interior

Spaces & Places

The store concept and product offer was briefed to the interior design team, to develop a scheme, which was part of the tendering process for Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.