Pacific Light: Proactively guiding customers to make informed energy choices

With deregulation in Singapore’s energy market, industrial & commercial customers now have the freedom to choose who they buy power from.  A new power generation & retail company, involving the First Pacific Group & Petronas, approached us to help establish its credentials & trust with customers. With a new name, PacificLight, we defined its purpose as a brand that guides customers to make informed choices on their energy plans.


PacificLight Energy Singapore Brochure PacificLight Energy Singapore Mobile App PacificLight Energy Singapore Website

Marketing & Communications

The name ŒPacificLight was developed to reflect both the ŒFirst Pacific Group & the brand’s role in guiding customers to the right power solution. Together with the name and identity, Tangible created a visual & verbal toolkit, followed by marketing materials to engage prospective customers. The website concept was then ideated with PacificLight’s management team to include features that would help customers identify their priorities, match them to the right energy product & guide them through process of switching energy suppliers.

PacificLight Energy Singapore Product Name PacificLight Energy Singapore Mobile App PacificLight Energy Singapore Mobile App

Products & Services

We conducted an ideation workshop with the sales & marketing team to develop customer profiles & the corresponding energy products that fit their needs; select a clear product naming system that clearly highlights characteristics of each energy plan; define website features to help customers through the process of selecting the right energy plan & switching suppliers.

PacificLight Energy Singapore Power Plant PacificLight Energy Singapore Signage

Spaces & Places

As the corporate offices had been recently refurbished, Tangibles contribution was in develop signage & art directing the photography of the re-branded Power Plant on Jurong Island. We did manage to make both look very attractive.