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I might be a client

By combining your knowledge & our experience in various branding & design disciplines with creative thinking, we can help your brand capitalise on opportunities across its various touch-points.

Whether your branding opportunity revolves around organisation, product, service or destination, Tangible can help define powerful brand promises & bring them to life.

“Working with Tangible was one of the best decisions the Super Group has made to move our brand forward.”

Ms Elaine Teo Sze Hwee
General Manager of Super Group

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I'm a potential employee

We know a brand must deliver against the business strategy, so our consultants & designers must be stimulated by both business & emotional needs (the head & the heart).

We are looking for people who are innately curious, are able to glean insights from research & everyday life & have a point of view on how to inspire people to make their brands real.

“At Tangible, you’re always learning something new about the world around you. I also really enjoy how our work involves a unique blend of logical & creative thinking.”

Genevieve Chan

I would like to intern!

At Tangible, we treat our interns as an integral part of the team. We immerse our interns in client projects – in other words, they get to play on the field rather than watch from the sidelines. This way, interns get the satisfaction of having made a real difference.

“As a year 2 NUS business school student, I am one of the lucky few who can claim they have been abroad on business trips during their summer internships. The greatest part about being an intern at Tangible is that you are treated no different from full-time employees in terms of job responsibilities and mentorship opportunities.”

Jason Teo Chun Rui
Intern 2011 (NUS Business School)