Eastern Health Alliance: Delivering the right attention and care for your health at the right time

As part of Singapore’s initiative to improve healthcare delivery, there were plans to regionalise & integrate healthcare delivery. The Eastern Health Alliance represents a community of healthcare providers in the eastern region. ‘Coordinated Care’ across the healthcare journey was the state Brand Purpose.

Visit: www.easternhealth.sg/

Eastern Healthcare Singapore Branding Eastern Healthcare Singapore Powerpoint

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed both the new name & logo, emphasising a close-knit & well-coordinated community of healthcare partners. The visual & verbal identity system for the brand conveys the ideas of integration, collaboration & coordination with a series of paths and intersecting circles representing the medical journey from diagnosis to treatment to ongoing care. Ideas for the EHA website, including; content, organisation & special features were generated in a workshop.

Eastern Healthcare Singapore Workshop

People & Culture

‘Campfire workshops were conducted with stakeholders & partners from the healthcare community to align efforts in delivering the brand’s promise.

Eastern Healthcare Singapore Branding

Products & Services

A clear brand architecture was developed, outlining a menu organisation system for EH Alliance’s services & specifying how the brand would be used by partners.