Country Comfort: Invigorating a road warrior hotel by focusing on bed, shower & breakfast

With the objective of developing an Asian hospitality franchise, Country Comfort harnessed a simple insight to inspire their purpose statement; busy business travelers value a refreshing, hassle-free hospitality experience.  Thus a good night sleep, revitalizing shower and replenishing breakfast became the foundations for the hotel brand.


Country Comfort Hotel Australia Branding Country Comfort Hotel Australia Luggage Tag Country Comfort Hotel Australia Stationery

Marketing & Communications

Country Comfort was the name inherited from the purchased Australian hotel chain. The previous identity, an Australian Kookaburra bird was less appropriate to an Asian audience, so Tangible redesigned the logo together with all the hotel’s collaterals. The result was a refreshing, sharp efficient visual and verbal identity system that complimented the purpose of the brand.

Country Comfort Hotel Australia Mobile App

People & Culture

We then developed the design and content for 3 linked website; a franchisee website, a potential franchisee website and the customer facing website.

Country Comfort Hotel Australia Franchisee Country Comfort Hotel Australia Website

People & Culture

Tangible helped brief the content developer and provided templates for all the franchisee SOP documentation.

Country Comfort Hotel Australia Signage Interior Country Comfort Hotel Australia Signage Interior

Spaces & Places

Tangible worked with the architects to develop a signage system that would create as much visual impact as possible for the modestly sized properties.