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Issue 08: Q2 2014 - The Mobile Experience

The Mobile Experience

Issue 08: Q2 2014 / April 9, 2014
Charlie Scott
Founder and Creative Director

In this edition, we’re concentrating on the mobile experience, and discuss 5 things to consider when going mobile.

91% of the people on earth have a mobile phone. 56% of these own a smartphone and 50% of people use their mobile as their primary internet source. That’s over 3.5 billion people who could download your mobile app and nearly 3.2 billion people who may be using mobile search.

1. Mobile website versus mobile app – Which should you choose?

The quick answer is to decide by the type of business sector you’re in, the reputation of your brand and how much revenue a mobile app could earn for you. Apps are expensive to develop for multiple platforms but could drive revenue. 80% of mobile time is spent in apps but the average consumer only uses 6.5 apps in any 30-day period. It makes sense to start your mobile strategy with a responsive site, designed with tablet & smartphones in mind.

2. Is your content optimized for your customers?

Content is more than copy – it includes images, videos & links. As visitors are usually locked into data plans, an important element to consider is whether or not your website has been optimized for mobile. How long does your website take to load on your mobile device? The average website visit lasts a little less than a minute. So if your visitors don’t see anything loading in a matter of seconds, you may risk them leaving your website.

3. Think, design & learn from your user’s experience

Let’s face facts: 76% of customers say they simply want to find “what they want” on a website and only 10% care about the design aesthetic. So ensure you know what your customers are looking for.

4. Think of how local search is relevant to your business

Over 50% of mobile search is for local information (business hours, directions & addresses are the top 3 searches) and the search for this information occurs throughout the purchase process: browsing, purchase, post-purchase. So ensure your mobile site helps consumers in their first and last mile.

5. How will you measure the success of your mobile site?

37% of companies don’t measure any metrics for their website redesign. But if you’ve set objectives, then it makes sense to measure your success. You may use Google Analytics to define your goals & track your conversions. To measure the success of your objective, you also need to make it easy for people to take action from your mobile site.

Success Stories:
Walmart: Apps that have it all!
Walmart: Apps that have it all!
Walmart has got its mobile & digital strategy well thought through, and as you would expect, its apps have it all! Walmart’s ‘Scan & Go’ feature lets customers scan items as they shop & then self check-out. The app also lets you know about in-store or online specials. It recognises when you’re in-store and updates you with relevant info and promos. The app also gives customer reviews & ratings for products. If you want to re-order prescriptions & pick them up in-store, you can... Oh, and of course you can shop for everything Walmart sells and have it delivered to your door. Share this article

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