About Us
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Tangible was created in 2008, when its founding partners came together to bring a shared ideal to life. They saw the potential for branding programmes to deliver beyond communications & enhance business strategy. Today, Tangible is one of Asia’s leading branding consultancies. We think your business’s Vision, Mission & Values should be the same as your brand promise— it’s all about expressing your purpose. We’re not hung up on the label you use to inspire your business or brand activities. What we really care about is the opportunity to create a meaningful statement: a statement that sets an expectation for customers and gets staff out of bed in the morning. We’re also careful about not writing too many different statements that end up confusing people or becoming a Board Room decoration. We’d like to call that statement your purpose, but we’re happy to use whatever label is meaningful.

Our Purpose:

Inspiring people by making brands real

We help businesses harness and deliver their brands as strategic management tools by equipping leadership teams with the tools they need to drive change and create impact. Think of great brands like GE, Unilever or W Hotels — they use simple ideas to define the essence of their business & apply these philosophies in everything they do.

Meet the team
Charlie Scott
Founder & CEO

Tay Kae Fong
Director of Strategy

Sharon Yeo
Finance & Admin

Marina Mokhtar
Business Development Director

Kendrick C. P. Yu
Business Development Director

Simone Chen
PR & Marketing Director

Kimberley Batchelor
Design Director

Fenny Chou
Designer & Production

Shawn Thomasz

Stephanie Cahyadi

Sharan Minhas
Senior Consultant

Sophia Yu