AboitizPower: Offering better energy solutions for Filipinos

To meet the nation’s escalating power needs & increased competition with “open-access”, the AboitizPower Group wanted to position itself as a preferred energy partner & leverage its renewable power generation capacity to become a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

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AboitizPower Energy Philippines Branding AboitizPower Energy Philippines Website

Marketing & Communications

A Brand Promise & ‘Power Spiral’ logo were created. This was complemented by a visual & verbal identity system that emphasised the need to act responsibly with nature’s energy resources featuring the signature “Power of Mother Nature” photography style & the “Did You Know” messaging device. A brand book, video & briefing materials were developed to inspire & communicate the brand to staff. Tangible refreshed the corporate website, & developed the web concept that defined the content & design for the Cleanergy website.

AboitizPower Energy Philippines Conference AboitizPower Energy Philippines Launch Events AboitizPower Energy Philippines Launch Events AboitizPower Energy Philippines Launch Events

People & Culture

Aboitiz Power launched their new brand along with the Cleanergy brand in a ‘Zen-inspired’ setting that was one of the first eco-friendly events staged in the Philippines. Invites were printed on recycled paper and the event’s electrical consumption was measured for carbon credits payments. Smaller versions were successfully staged in Cebu and Davao.

AboitizPower Energy Philippines Mobile App AboitizPower Energy Philippines Website

Products & Services

The ‘Cleanergy’ brand was developed to market the Group’s renewable energy offering & a CSR programme inspired by the “A Better Future” theme was recommended.

AboitizPower Energy Philippines Signage

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed retail signage & exhibition spaces for AboitizPower.


Erramon 'Montxu' Aboitiz engages AboitizPower team members to care for the environment