What’s in Amazon’s stocking for 2018

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Artificial Intelligence:
Imagine calling to Alexa (Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant imbedded in your Amazon Echo speakers), “ Hey Alexa – I need an Uber to take me to work, and pay for it with my Bank of Amazon Card.” ”Good  idea,” comes the reply, followed by “It’s going to rain in 10 minutes.” Amazon has spent huge sum on AI talent, and Bezos has highlighted that machine learning drives the algorithms for demand forecasting, product and deal recommendations, product search ranking, translations and much more.” So get ready for AI to surface.

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Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017 for US$14 billion to get into food as a delivery service. The nature of human beings is to be lazy, which in marketing-speak translates as ‘consumer convenience’. Now that’s something Amazon is really good at! Coupled with Amazon’s ability to be able to operate at a loss (until they get scale), the future of food in the US may be in boxes.

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As online shopping continues to grow and the economics of high street retail break down, Amazon is already developing a stable of private-label brands (currently they have eight). Like its entry into diapers, Amazon is starting with the basics – good quality, great price, and on your doorstep within a few days.

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Now think money: if Amazon decides to move into finance, they would have a major advantage over  banks: better data, a superior user experience, and immense customer loyalty. It’s nothing new in China where Tencent’s WeChat and Alibaba’s Alipay are well established as payment gateways. Amazon will not want to miss the boat, so we may expect something soon.

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Finally back to the screen, where the rapidly growing Amazon Prime Video competes with Netflix for your streaming eyeballs. Amazon is starting to catch up to Netflix, recently announcing a 250M deal to acquire the TV rights for The Lord of The Rings, which will be produced by Amazon Studios. On licensed content, both Amazon and Facebook are keen to bid for a package to stream the English Premier League. Welcome to the content wars!

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