Tesla 2017 it’s big year!

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Tesla will have more big news in 2017 The Model 3 Launch. We’re going to see the launch of the first electric car aimed at the masses in July: The model 3 will start around US$35,000 and have a range of 215 miles. There are already several thousand pre-orders and Elon Musk’s ambition is to build more than 500,000 cars per year from 2018.

Perfecting the autonomous car
Elon Musk has committed to a fully autonomous car driving from LA to New York in 2017, a full year ahead of anyone else (Ford – 2021, Baidu – 2019, Google – no date). Doubling Supercharger stationsTesla also plans to double the number of Supercharger stations in North America in 2017 from 5,000 to 10,000.

More Gigafactories
Tesla is planning to finalize the locations of 3 more Gigafactories in 2017 to add to the 2 already built. The factories currently produce the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack energy storage products and also the 2170 battery cells for use in the Tesla model 3.

Merging SolarCity with Tesla
After merging SolarCity with Tesla, the one headache that needs resolving is debt. The business model for the solar panels was leasing, rather than owning. The idea was that homeowner would pay less money than their power bills. Paying for those systems, however, meant that SolarCity has taken on debt and is having trouble finding new buyers. Let’s see how that one
works out.

You can see it’s another busy year for Elon Musk but if anyone can inspire people to achieve amazing things it seems to be Mr. Musk.

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