P&G Swiffer – An insight classic

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Just to prove that customer insights and innovation is part of the human experience and not a new set of buzz-words, we want to celebrate a classic success story from P&G.

The insight was simple: Mopping floors is not only boring but it’s ineffective. Mopping is the process of turning dust into fine mud and smearing it around the floor.

P&G had tried for years to create a better mop but it took a design agency to get out of the lab and into people’s homes to crack the problem. After watching thousands of people mopping thousands of floors in thousands of homes, the researchers purposely spilled some ground coffee at an elderly participant’s home. Rather than get the mop, the host swept up the grounds with a broom and then proceeded to use a damp paper towel to clean up the rest of the fine dust.

In that moment the Swiffer brand was born, or should we say a $500-million dollar cleaning system, as Swiffer is now a line of cleaning products including the Swiffer WetJet, Duster, Vac, Dust and Shine.

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