AIM: Accelerating the culture of innovation in Malaysia

Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) is a statutory body set up by the Malaysian Government. Its purpose is to drive Malaysia’s “innovation economy” through the development of an innovation eco-system & the generation wealth for Malaysia & Malaysians.


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Marketing & Communications

Using the brand promise of ‘Accelerating a culture of innovation for Malaysia’ we developed a bold visual identity & data visualisation system that get facts & figures across in a way that can be beautifully and easily understood by everyone. The website was ideated with management to clearly communicate AIMs role in the national innovation strategy & the active role it takes in a number of national strategic projects.

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People & Culture

Our ‘camp-fire’ workshop focused getting senior members of staff to streamline their existing initiatives by understanding how and where they add value through the innovation life-cycle. The guest of honour at the launch event for AIM’s 1MBAS project was the Prime Minister of Malaysia as The National Biomass Strategy is a key program in the governments 2020 vision.

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Products & Services

By defining the six steps of the innovation life-cycle we could map AIMs current initiatives against each stage & were then able to consolidate and clearly articulate key innitaitives. Following this Tangible developed content & communications for three key initiatives: The National BioMass Strategy (1MBAS) that will harness the potential of Malaysia‘s biomass. The i-THINK project that helps schools impart thinking skills to students & Genovasi’s programme which helps train up young professionals to become ‘Innovation Ambassadors’.

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Spaces & Places

Tangible developed spaces for two AIM initiatives. The first; a project with the goal harnessing the potential of Malaysia’s biomass and developing skills and intellectual property at the same time. Imagine the opportunities that would be created by harnessing some of the 80 Millions tonnes of Palm biomass created each year? We took those opportunities and created a data visualization travelling road-show to get the news out. The second exhibition was for ‘i-Think’; a programme to equip the next generation of Malaysians with critical thinking skills. Tangible created a series of characters and examples that allowed the thinking maps to be more relevant.


Business Circle - From Waste to Wealth

Genovasi Challenge launch video

1MBAS to look at ways for all to enjoy benefit